10/10/2007 Tarek writes:

Optics of Climate Change
The problem with both of these skeptical approaches is that the world doesn't work in the binary system. Tossing out the current foreign aid system so you build a new one you love means schools get closed, kids die of diarrhea, AIDS treatments don't get administered, food doesn't get distributed, chaos and need mingle unnecessarily.

We Fall Down and Get Up: Carol Lancaster Reports on Elections in Sierra Leone

Carol Lancaster files a fascinating report from Sierra Leone as the nation manages its second major peaceful election since 2002.
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 [Contributed byCarol Lancaster of Center for Global Development]

Pursuing the Global Common Good

Briefing:Ppublished by the Center for American Progress. Pursuing the Global Common Good argues that U.S. foreign policy must go beyond preconceived notions of national self-interest and security by including our ethical obligations to the global community.
Monday 10/15 at Center for American Progress
Address1: 1333 H Street, NW, 10th Floor
Address2: Washington, D. C.
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Overcoming Extremism: Protecting Civilians from Terrorist Violence

Briefing:CSIS) is hosting a two-day conference featuring high-profile leaders, experts, and opinion-makers to develop a shared international agenda for protecting civilians from terrorist violence.
Monday 10/22 at Ronald Reagan International Trade Center in Washington, D.C.
Address1: 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Address2: Washington, D.C.
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what to expect in counseling


Sell My Car

Getting rid of your used car is a process that no one likes to go through. You have to prep, photo, and then deal with people who want to give you pennies on the dollar for your vehicle. Why not take the easy way out and have people bid on your car. Selling your car has never been easier.

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